Comprehensive Management Services


California Land Use Entitlements can be cumbersome to most if they’ve not gone through the process. The hurdles that Cullina Management is able to “jump” or easily circumvent to save the Client costs and delays, has great value. We can shave excess time because there’s not a “learning curve” and understanding the process means having realistic expectations and quantifying tasks, that the Client will receive in detail to assist when making an informed decision.


Listening to the Client and Stakeholder’s input to define and set objectives and action plans. Cullina Management “drills down” the details to make certain nothing is missed.


  • Qualifying and matching the discipline and expertise to best match their strong abilities to accomplish needed tasks for any size project.
  • Cullina Management provides detailed RFPs and Associated Instructions to receive the most qualified bids and proposals.


Cullina has successfully advised and helped secure EB-5 financing from EB-5 Regional Centers and have a solid network to complete these challenging investment structures. We successfully package an unarguable case for the Regional Centers of EB-5, to ensure they have a line-of-sight; the comprehensive soft & hard costs of the project(s), a realistic schedule that details all steps of the process from City Planning to construction completion and details that stand the “test” of the most grueling audit. Our understanding of the EB-5 process definitely sets Cullina Management apart from others. We have current case studies from 2017-2019.


We provide realistic calculations of projections to provide a clear picture of building valuable assets and convey positive financial returns.


We are highly skilled construction experts that collaborates with and provides oversight to the owner, the architect & engineers, the general contractor, trade contractors and/or subcontractors to deliver the project on time, at or under budget and to the owner’s expected standard of quality. Cullina can act as advisors directly to the owner overseeing construction contracts or operate “at risk” being contractually obligated for delivering the entire project.


  • At Cullina Management we have invested in digital construction process; we’ve implemented a centralized document and issue management systems.
  • We bolster our inspections tracking process (“ITP”) with digital checklist inspections.
  • Correlate Inspections to our Look-Ahead Plans.
  • Performing collaborative Inspections with the Trades and Subs.


Cullina Management’s involvement early in the design process will ensure the Client and Stakeholders receive their requirements and needs within the design. We encourage open communications between all the design disciplines to make certain details are included to meet the future expectations of the contractors during the construction process. Having an inclusive design mitigates future change orders and assist in the design intent related to the client’s goals for a particular asset.

Sustainability Consulting

Whether the goal is as simple as optimizing the healthy and energy efficient aspects of your project or reaching to achieve certification under a Green Rating Program such as the US Green Building Council’s LEED program, or California’s Build-It-Green, Cullina Management is ready and qualified to guide your project’s sustainable development.

Cost Control

  • Control Changes to the project budget
  • Influencing the factors which create changes to the cost baseline to ensure that changes are beneficial.
  • Determining that the cost baseline has changed with in acceptable units.
  • Managing the actual changes when as they occur.

Strategic Portfolio Planning

An effective, strategic portfolio planning program aligns real estate strategies with overall business goals to deliver; Improved speed, flexibility, and planning for growth or contraction, better financial transparency, analysis, and decision making, Optimal capital planning and deployment, Strategic analysis of locations.

Change Management

Cullina Management provides the sequence of steps or activities that a change management team or project leader follow to apply change management to a change in order to drive individual transitions and ensure the project meets its intended outcomes.

Development Administration

Provide the expertise to structure a team that supports the client/owner to undertake a commercial development tailored to the types of real estate transactions that best suits the proposed development. We are prepared to provide pre-acquisition due diligence, work with local, state and federal agencies to secure entitlements to develop. Provide all the necessary tools, relationships and expertise to complete an EIRs (environmental impact reports), CEQA (California environmental quality act), Specific Plan process and final acceptance, Development Agreements with governmental agencies and public outreach for local approval.

Environmental Remediation Consulting & Management

Cullina Management is well versed in mitigating risk for undervalued property assets due to environmental contamination. Working with the “Lead Agency” we look to negotiate the highest and best use for the asset weather land parcel and/or buildings and other structures.

Site Selection & Constructability Analysis

Not all sites are the same, even a parcel adjacent or across a street. We review the client’s current and future market and address with all the stakeholders; logistics, it’s location “value add” to the particular business that will utilize the future site, proximity to transportation and a multitude of assessments to determine the best location. While conducting a site selection; we carefully inspect the site to determine the constructability directly related to the proposed structure(s) on a particular property. This is done to identify obstacles before a project is built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.

Building Consultants

Having over 30 years of land improvement and various types of building structures throughout the U.S. and Latin America; we inspect real estate assets from our experience in renovating structures from the early 1900’s to recent years. We assess all property class types and sectors; Class A Office, Industrial, Multi-Family, Flex Industrial, Retail, Transportation and Historic.

Equity Debt Capital Raise

Navigating through the funding opportunities can be a behemoth of a task. Cullina Management is “at the table” to ensure answers to a proposed building and/or real estate development are answered and provide confidence to Lenders and Capital Partners.

Architectural Design and Engineering Management

To Optimize the expertise of our firm, having us in the process early is paramount. We can procure the appropriate architects, engineers and necessary consultants to significantly reduce potential costs early in the design and engineering of a development and/or a single project.